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Brewing Guides

From ratios to brewing time, ensuring optimal flavour extraction by following our guides. 

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62g coffee / 900g water

  1. Coarsely grind 62g of coffee and drop it in the bottom of the French Press.
  2. Place the French Press on the scale and zero it.
  3. Pour water vigorously up to 900g making sure to wet all the grounds
  4. Stir the coffee, then place the plunger lid over the grounds and depress just enough so that the bed of grounds is fully submerged
  5. Wait four minutes and then plunge coffee
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15g coffee / 250g water

  1. Place a paper filter inside the lid and pre-wet
  2. With plunger fully extended (about a ¼ inch from the end of the brewing chamber) place Aeropress on scale, add 15g ground coffee (slightly finer than drip grind), and zero the scale
  3. Start the timer, pour water to wet grounds, and let bloom for 15 seconds
  4. Pour to 250g of water
  5. Stir at 50seconds, then add lid with filter, and turn to ensure the lid is locked in place
  6. Flip the Aeropress, place on top pf receptacle, and press with a mild and consistent firmness
  7. Stop when you begin to hear the first hissing of air through the grounds. This should take 15 – 20 seconds
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30g coffee / 500g water

  1. Place the filter in the upper cone of the Chemex and rinse with hot water. Allow the water to heat the brewing receptacle and then discard the water.
  2. Add 30g of ground coffee (slightly coarser than cupping grind) and sero scale
  3. Pour around 50g of water in order to wet the grounds and let the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds
  4. Pour the water vigorously in the center of the cone and bring the surface of the slurry up to a point about one inch below the top of the glass by around 45 seconds
  5. Gently stir around the edges of the surface in order to prevent coffee from adhering to the sides and let the coffee drain
  6. Before all the water drains through make a second pour at around 1:20, bringing the slurry up to the same level that was established with the first pour. Let it drain, but not entirely
  7. At about 2 minutes pour a final time ending the pour at 500g
    of water
  8. Give a gentle stir across the surface and let the slurry drain completely. It should finish around 3:45 – 4:00 minutes.
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18g coffee / 350g water

  1. With the dripper in the open position rinse the paper filter. Allow the water to heat the brewing receptacle and then discard the water.
  2. Close the dripper, add 18g ground coffee (between drip and cupping grind), zero scale.
  3. Start the timer, pour enough water to wet the grounds, and
    let bloom.
  4. Pour vigorously hitting all around the sides in order to help form a nice plat bed and stop at 300g
  5. At 2 minutes, open the dripper and give a mild stir making sure to agitate around the edges of the slurry
  6. It should take 1 – 1.5 minutes to finish brewing
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30g coffee / 500g water

  1. Grind coffee (cupping grind) and set aside exactly 30g of grounds in a tray
  2. Place the lower chamber of the siphon on the scale and weigh 500g of hot water
  3. Situate the lower chamber over the burner, lock the filter into the upper chamber, and firmly press the upper chamber on top of the lower chamber
  4. Start the burner and allow the water to rise to the upper chamber, add the ground coffee, start the timer, and gently tap down the grounds until they are all wet
  5. At 2 minutes turn off the burner and make a mild circular stir across the surface
  6. Allow the coffee to slowly drain back into the lower chamber and bubble for a few moments before removing the top
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