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Nuova Simonelli – MDX

A high-quality grinder at a price that is worth the buy, the Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand Grinder is ideal for any home coffee enthusiast looking to increase the quality of their grind. Made in Italy, the MDX On Demand features stepless adjustment, a programmable dosing and 65mm flat steel burrs. Built out of durable die cast aluminium body, the Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand Grinder is perfect for those seeking an affordable coffee grinder with commercial capabilities and build. It is truly, “On Demand” to be your grinder.

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Stepless Adjustment – Stepless grinders give the user the ability to fine tune their grind with the simple turn of a dial. This feature will give you maximum control over your grind by being able to adjust your burrs at any time – even on the fly.

65mm Flat Steel Burrs – Nuova Simonelli uses high-quality, hardened steel burrs to increase consistency in their grinders. Steel burrs also increase your ability to fine tune your grind when compared to other burr designs. Nuova Simonelli has led the way in flat steel burr design since inception.

Powerful Motor – With a grinding speed of 1650 RPM, the MDX On Demand is a true workhorse and it will grind your beans ensuring all flavours from your beans remain intact and healthy.

LCD Display – An easy to use design perfectly complements the gorgeous LCD read out display. Perfectly program your shots by time on this screen to ensure your beans and dose are consistent time after time.

Large Bean Hopper – With the ability to hold 1.2kg of coffee beans, the hopper on the MDX On Demand is a massive bonus.

Portafilter Holder – The MDX On Demand comes complete with a portafilter holder designed to hold your portafilter in place for hands free grinding. In addition, this feature limits the amount of grounds that are spilled. Instead, those grounds will flow directly into your portafilter.

Micrometric Grind Adjustment – Dial in your grinder with ease. This unique grind adjustment takes from both step and stepless grinders to help you dial in your grinder in minutes. Fine tune your settings with the micro-adjustment dial.

Coffee Counter – Keep track of your day, or at least the number of shots dispensed with the MDX’s coffee counter. Reset the counter at your convenience to start anew.

Dosing Options – Utilize the two programmable dosing options or the continuous mode.


Grinding – The Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand Grinder can grind the exact same amount of coffee every time, the MDX On Demand is the epitome of consistency.

Simple Design, Elegant Appearance – Featuring a small footprint and low-bearing bean hopper, this beauty is sure to impress. Its minimalistic design and operating features make it ideal for your home or small commercial setting.

Worry Free Cleaning – With the MDX On Demand, there is no need to recalibrate the burrs after routine cleaning. Saving you time and potential maintenance fees.


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