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Nuova Simonelli – Mythos I – Clima Pro

Mythos One, the first on-demand grinding from Nuova Simonelli with “Clima Pro” technology, the innovative intelligent management of milling chamber temperature that ensures constant dose and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction.

Suitable for
Champions Baristas, Professionals, Locales with high sales volumes, Coffee corners, Coffee shops, Hotels and restaurants.

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Transparent bean hopper (1,3 Kg).
Clump crusher.
Clima Pro technology.
Stop & Go Barista Mode.
LCD multilingual Display.
Micrometric grinding regulation.
Long life burrs.
Working switch.
Portafilter hook.
Low profile.
Cooling system.


Precise, fast and reliable.
With the clump crusher system, the dose is dropped into the centre of the portafilter with less than a gram of grounds retained between doses, reducing the need to purge between dose and waste beans.
Micrometric grinds adjustments.
Allows for infinite and stepless control of grind coarseness.
Mythos One total silence is mark of its superb technology, which is the combined result of using the highest quality materials along with excellent construction precision.
Barista Mode.
Allows for dose adjustments of all free individual dose buttons, without having to enter the programming mode.
High production.
Mythos grinds more than 18 kg of coffee an hour.
Portafilter hook.
Hands-free grinding increases efficiency of the bar.


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